About Us


Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation or 'CWR' was founded in 2004 by Nicky Thole and intakes animals from local vet offices, the general public, Ventura County Animal Regulation, Los Angeles Animal Regulation and the Humane Society. These animals come to our facilities where they are treated for their injuries and cared for until they can be released. We are trained to administer detailed medical treatment and have a team of veterinarians that perform extensive surgeries for severely broken bones or other medical needs. Without CWR, many animals with no place to go, would be euthanized or die as it is illegal to care for wildlife without the appropriate permits and experience. There is no government funding for what we do. All donations come from the general public and family foundations and go directly to pay for food, medical supplies, equipment and general support of CWR. We are licensed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife  and in the state of California by the Department of Fish and Game. We also hold a Federal Educational Permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife.