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Wildlife Photography by
John Shaw

John T. Shaw (the "other" John Shaw - nature photographer) was born in England and grew up in rural Hampshire. He resides in Southern California now.

" The link below goes to a gallery of "Inspirational" prints. Each one is a photo with a quote, or bird wisdom or just something I wrote from scratch. In case you wonder what bird or animal wisdom is, in the ancient cultures the people were way more in tune with Mother Nature than modern man is and they identified with the birds and animal and the birds and animals "spoke" to them. So if someone kept seeing, for example a woodpecker behaving unusually they would know to look at whether they need to make changes in their lives because that is what Woodpecker is telling us. I firmly believe that if man started to engage more with nature rather than exploit it then a lot of earth ills would be cured. I think there is a movement in that direction e.g. Live Earth."

John's amazing photographs are available in two styles:
The high quality 8 in by 10 in photographs are beautifully framed in black 11 in by 14 in frames. This group of pictures are all birds of Ventura County, California. Each picture has a saying which are summary words relating to native American bird totems.
The second series of prints are photographs of animals taken in their natural environment with an added inspirational saying. All pictures are high quality 12 in by 16 in gallery prints, beautifully framed in 12 in by 16 in black frames.

smGreater Roadrunner 8 x 19 c smMajani -cu - 12 x 16 c

Please note that all images have been watermarked for copyright protection. All images are for viewing purposes only. © John Shaw

To order John's original photographes, please email

or visit his website www.avocetphotography.com


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