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Educational Animals

This is our educational Red Tail Hawk. She is unable to be released because she was shot and had to have a portion of her wing amputated.
She was born in 2004 and was about a year old when she was brought to us. .

Our educational screech owl was brought to us for rehabilitation after being hit by a car. After several weeks of care she was deemed unreleasable as she recovered only partial vision out of one eye. She has participated in many educational programs.

Our educational humming bird didn't feel like posing for the camera when it was time to take his picture. So this is his body double. However, he is available for educational programs - but he won't step off of his branch for less than 10,000 dollars a day!

Please contact Nicky Thole or Brenda Varvarigos if you are interested in having an educational program. We will try to accommodate your scheduled event.

Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation has an educational permit issued through the US Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is a Federal offense to keep any wild bird without this special permit.

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