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Keeping ducks out of your swimming pool

To prevent ducks from landing in your pool or arriving with their young, purchase a pool float in the shape of an alligator, an eye or any other other form that will resemble a predator when the ducks fly overhead looking for a place to land.

In addition, silver mylar balloons, purchased from a party store, can be placed around the perimeter of the pool. They can be attached to tennis balls.


While many people enjoy watching ducks swimming in their backyard, for those who would rather not share their pool, a few simple measures can be taken.

Getting ducks and ducklings out of your pool

Immediate Action

  • Turn off pool filter!
  • Raise water level!
  • Create a non-slippery exit ramp out of plywood and towels!
  • Put your pets indoors!

Never attempt to relocate ducks!

In the event that there are orphaned ducklings in your pool or backyard where the mother has not returned for several hours,

  • use a pool net a carefully fish the babies out
  • place the ducklings in a laundry basket with several towels in the bottom in order to dry them
  • do not handle the ducklings more than necessary as they may squirm through your hands and fall
  • place a lid on the basket using a large piece of cardboard or towel
  • the basket should be put close to an exit and left there for at least an hour in case the mother returns.
  • when the mother returns, open the gate, making sure you are standing behind the basket not blocking the exit, open the basket and slowly herd mother and babies off your property
  • if the mother hasn't returned by nightfall, bring the basket with the ducklings inside to a warm, dark and quiet place and call a rehabilitator near you.

Mother ducks never intentionally abandon their young!

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