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Pat Katz has been a wildlife rehabilitator since 1992. She specializes in rehabilitating cottontails and brush rabbits with the occasional Jack rabbit. She picks up animals from Conejo Valley Vet Hospital and takes them to the Camarillo facility. She transports animals from the Ventura County Animal Shelter and is also involved in networking with other wildlife groups.

This baby cottontail was the sole survivor of an encounter with a tractor.

This barn owl was rescued from drowning in a swimming pool. After being dried off, warmed up and fed a good meal, Brenda returned him close to the location where he was found, to reunite him with his mate.

Brenda Varvarigos has been working with Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation since 2002. She enjoys caring for all species of wildlife and specializes in critical care. Brenda currently serves as a direct point of contact for the City of Los Angeles Shelter system, so many animals depend on her each year. 

Brenda lives with her husband Dennis and their children in Woodland Hills. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Here's one of the aviaries that Jerry Jacobs built for the song birds.

If you look closely, you can see our educational humming bird next to Deb Jacobs.

Deb Jacobs has been rehabilitating song birds since 2000. Her care and patience is especially needed by the many hummingbirds that are brought to her each year. Her husband Jerry transports animals within our group and builds bird cages and aviaries. Deb and Jerry are a direct contact for several vet offices in the Simi Valley area.
Deb and Jerry are both retired and live in Simi Valley. They enjoy traveling to Europe several times a year.

Tammy Fatujma lives in Ojai with her husband Steve, son Zack and daughter Courtney. She works for the Postal Service and enjoys gardening.
Tammy is a direct contact for the Ojai Humane Society and intakes a variety of species. She has a wonderful setup for duck rehabilitation although she cares for other species too..


Chris Fowler has been caring for wildlife most of her life, but it was love at first sight when she received her first litter of orphaned baby skunks. Since then, Chris has specialized in the rescue and rehabilitation of skunks and educates the public about these wonderful creatures and the important role they play in our ecosystem.


Sheila lives in Newbury Park with her husband Andrew. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her grand children. She has been volunteering at the Camarillo facility since the beginning of 2005.

Barbara Burns lives in Camarillo with her two cats and African grey Thelma where she is a full time in home care giver. She has been dedicated  to volunteering her week-ends at the Camarillo facility since 2001.

Stand In

Nicky Thole, the director of Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation, rehabilitates a variety of species, including bobcats and coyotes. She is a direct contact for Ventura County Animal Regulation and several vet offices. She has been a wild life rehabilitator since 1993.
Nicky lives in Camarillo with her husband Ludger and daughter Halina. She enjoys decorating and riding horses during the slower part of rehab season.

Gerbera, kleinst02
Gerbera, kleinst02 Gerbera, kleinst02

Karin Beer-Koller has been taking care of the administrative needs of Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation since 2001. She maintains our web site and designed our brochures.
She lives in Camarillo where she works as a painter/artist and a personal chef. Visit her web site at www.DiscoverArts.com

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