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Since we are out growing our current facilities, we are looking to acquire a larger piece of land in the Camarillo or Somis area. If you are interested in donating property or purchasing property for Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation please contact Nicky at (805) 482 4127


The Department of Fish and Game requires special sized caging made out of a specific material for animals who come in for Rehabilitation. We purchase our cages from California Cage Works in Burbank, Phone (818) 843 6283.

Here is a list of the most urgently needed size caging:

Specific Items

Aluminum Vet Caging

Purina Kitten ChowP

Nolvasan Ointment

Large and Extra Large Pet Carriers

Science Diet Kitten Kibble

Lactated Ringers

Heating Pads

Gerber Beef or Chicken


Vet Wrap

Duck Mash


White Towels

Wild Bird Seed


Pre Paid Gas Cards


Chlorhexedine Wash

Bagged Shavings

Wax Worms


Alfalfa Hay







Vanilla Ensure


Financial Contributions

Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation is a 501(3C) organization and every donation is tax deductible. 100% of your contribution goes directly to the care of the animals.
Each animal needs a specialized diet that can be very expensive to maintain. For example, a monthly order of meal worms , wax worms and crickets for our songbirds costs $550.00. We spend $450.00 to feed one baby raccoon from the time that it is drinking formula, then weaned to solid foods, until it learns to hunt before release. The average cost to feed a carnivore such as a bobcat is $250.00 per month. These are just a few examples of where your donations go.

Your $40 donation will pay for one tub of KMR  baby Formula

The $100.00 you send us will pay for a new XL Veri Kennel

$250.00 will pay for one order of chicks which feed our predatory birds and mammals.

Starting with a $500.00 donation ,which could go towards building additional enclosures, you will become a CWR Patron. You will receive an  exclusive invitation to our annual fundraiser event, A Wild Evening in Camarillo.

Some of our donors choose to support certain projects involving specific species. You are welcome to earmark your donation .

Please contact Nicky Thole at (805) 482 4127 for further information.


Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation
P.O. Box 172
Somis, CA 93066


We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following people who have shown outstanding support of our cause.


George Grace Inc

Carrol Allfield

William Matzner MD

Penny Chong MD

Conejo Valley Vet Clinic

Melissa Gilbert

Peregrine Wolf DVM

Melissa Harris

Audobon Society

Sebastion Beer

Viking Pool Service

Laura Lee Curtis

Ulrike Bochen


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