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Most birds are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This makes it illegal to possess wild birds without a permit from U S Fish and Wildlife, even if you plan on releasing them back to the wild.

Each bird has specific nutritional requirements and needs to be  raised on the appropriate diet. People will sometimes try to raise songbirds on baby cockatiel food purchsed at the pet store. These birds suffer greatly as it is formulated for a seed eating birds. They die a slow death as their nutritional needs are not met, even though they may appear healthy for the first week. Birds of Prey are sometimes kept illegally and raised on hamburger. As this is not complete nutrition, these bird suffer a painful death of metabolic bone disease. Please do not raise wildlife yourself.

Kestrel Feet

Since most birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it is also illegal to trim any tree, that would result in the harm of nesting babies, or prevent their parents from caring for them.  The treaty also protects any nests that are in use or more than halfway constructed. Mud nests that are attached to the side of buildings , may only be washed down at the end of the season when all nests have been vacant for some time - usually October through February.

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Bird ID

Many people think that they have found a baby bird of prey when in fact they have a baby pigeon. Below are a few pictures to help you properly identify your bird. This will aid the rehabilitator in giving you the correct advice over the phone.

Song Birds

Juvenile Mocking Bird juv towhee02
Finch Nest Day 7 Common Pigeon
Hatchling Killdeer
Hatchling Bushtit
2nd closeup doves sm
Hatchling Mourning Dove
Juvenile Hummingbirds
Flicker Baby 4
Picture 569
Mocker ID
Web Black Phebe
Finch Baby with Fingers02
Four Poor-wells
Finch Phoebe Mocker02
web Robin Web Brewers Black Bird
Web Quail Babies Wachtel sm
Picture 566
Starling web

Birds of Prey

Barn Owl Baby Barn Owl
Web Pere ID
Juvenile Great Horned Owl
turkey503 Baby Red Tail Hawk
Picture 463 100_4155
Coopers Hawk02 Kestral Nest
Burrow x 2

Other Birds

Egret GBHeron02
Sea Gull02 Coot02
100_4341 Picture 570

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