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Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation's volunteers intake animals from local vet offices, the general public, Ventura County Animal Regulation, Los Angeles Animal Regulation and the Humane Society. These animals come to our facilities where they are treated for their injuries and cared for until release. Most of us are trained to administer detailed medical treatment and we have a team of vets that perform extensive surgeries for severely broken bones. Without organizations like ours, many animals with no place to go, would be euthanized as it is illegal to care for wildlife without the appropriate permits. There is no government funding for what we do. All donations come from the general public and go directly to pay for food, medical supplies, caging, and administration costs. We are licensed by US Fish and Wildlife and California Department of Fish and Game.  

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Apart from rehabilitating animals in need, we are also committed to educating the public to live harmoniously with local wildlife. Each year we participate in various public events where our booth  is displayed with educational material and handouts. To help deliver our message, we bring along a few "ambassadors". Meet our educational animals.
If you would like information on upcoming events or to schedule a presentation or booth, Email Nicky to join our mailing list.


We work very hard to meet the growing needs of animals in distress. For an intake list of animals for 2003, 2004 and 2005 click on the links

Occasionally, some of our wildlife rescues receive a little media attention like the recent story of the Camarillo bobcat that was shot with an arrow. Click on the links below to check out a few of our stories. If you are unable to access the web links, we have copied some of the text for you to view from this website.

Ventura County Star

Palisade Post

Franklin Hills

Copied Media Text

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